Account Center: Online Account Management & Payments

Account Center
Helps Customers:
  • Make Payments
  • Manage Credits
  • View Account History

  I love Account Center!
I pay all my invoices online. It is a super tool and a money saver: No postage or check costs and my bills are paid on time.

Marie Lizotte
Eggcettera Catering

Account Center helps our clients and their customers save time and money by putting online account management and payment tools at their fingertips. Customers follow a simple setup wizard to gain access to Account Center, and can then go online to view statements, invoices and credits, and make and manage payments 24/7.

Pay Open InvoicesAccount Center makes it easy for customers to review and manage their accounts. Open invoices are color-coded to distinguish current, late and aging invoices, and a variety of payment options are offered including pay now, schedule payment, pay in full and apply credits. Account Center even sends customers Week-at-a-Glance emails that summarize their overdue items, invoices coming due, transactions that posted in the past week, and messages or alerts from their Credit or Sales representatives.

A 90-day history is kept in Account Center to allow customers to check statements, invoices, open credits and closed items. This history includes transactions made through Account Center and other payment methods to give customers a comprehensive view of their account activity.

Account Center is fully integrated with Billfire Central to ensure customers and A/R management staff share common information and real-time updates. Customers like Account Center because it simplifies a time-consuming task and makes payment easy. A/R staff and credit analysts like Account Center because
it reduces the time and expense of resending documents and collecting checks.