DocHub: Critical Document Processing & Distribution

  Our in-house process was tedious, time consuming, and expensive both in man hours and actual costs. After the statements were printed, it took 4-6 hours to prepare them for mailing. With Billfire processing our statements, it takes one person a few minutes to initiate the statement process. Billfire takes it from there and frees staff to do other tasks. In addition, Billfire gives us the ability to send statements via mail, fax, or email, and make statements available online 24x7, which is something we could not offer our customers before. Priceless.

Shelley Dugan
Director of Credit Services
Sysco San Diego

DocHub turns traditionally manual and tedious document delivery processes into a streamlined, cost-effective operation. Clients simply upload their document data and distribution list(s) and tell DocHub what to send where, when, and how.

From there, DocHub automates the processing and delivery of statements, invoices, credit memos, account notices and other critical documents, to fit each client’s unique cycle and volume needs. Through a simple, centralized process, clients can initiate weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or on-demand distributions.

Clients can also specify the channels or combinations of channels used for document delivery including mail, email, FAX and/or online accounts. DocHub even supports multiple deliveries for clients who want to send critical documents to bill to and ship to physical addresses and/or email and alternate email addresses.

In addition to being extremely flexible, DocHub is highly scalable and can seamlessly manage the largest of batch jobs or a single statement in real-time. DocHub also archives critical documents sent through the tool and makes resending easy.

Returned Mail
DocHub includes return mail processing services that help clients improve critical document delivery rates while reducing mail costs. These services are compliant with the regulations of the United States Postal Service.

DocHub delivers updated address information to clients so internal records can be corrected as necessary. DocHub uses the same updated, address information to create a bad address filter for future mailings. This allows the tool to reject records with known errors before the new project is submitted for print. As a result, DocHub prevents additional mailings to bad addresses and reduces unnecessary printing and mail costs.

High Impact Notices
Standard, black and white past due notices can get lost in a customer’s stack of statements and invoices, but a strategic splash of color can grab attention and inspire action. With DocHub, color can be easily added to critical documents to emphasize key messages or create a sense of urgency.

Additional color can be applied to envelopes and return envelopes to help mailings stand out while reinforcing company branding.

Dynamic Messaging
Critical documents have long shelf lives and often have significant whitespace. With DocHub, clients can take advantage of this prime open space to deliver additional notices or reinforce important messages without creating a separate mailing.

Dynamic messages can be produced in color or black and white, and may be used to deliver recall reminders, safety updates, updated contact information or other customer-centric information. They can be used to deliver interactive calls to action too. Clients can add a QR code to messages to let customers with smart phones respond directly from the statement or invoice. Clients can also customize messages by group, location or other filters to increase relevance.

Color Banners
Color banners take dynamic messaging to the next level by adding high impact visual elements to promote product or service offerings, deliver discount or free trial offers, introduce partners, etc. Clients can customize color banners by group, location or other filters to increase relevance, and include QR codes to encourage direct response.

Banners can even be used to personalize contact between customers and their support team. How? By connecting a face to a name. Adding a simple banner that includes a photo of each customer’s sales or support representative along with the contact’s information is an easy way to increase familiarity and strengthen connections.

When an important message demands its own page or a unique promotional piece, DocHub makes it easy to include inserts in a critical mailing. Inline inserts may be added as part of the document data upload process. This type of insert is produced as a secondary page to the statement or invoice and is typically used for customer communications such as tax notices, late notices, policy changes and operational updates; impact color is optional. Custom inserts such as buckslips, ads, flyers, coupons and reminder notices can be produced separately and added to mailings. These pieces may be produced in color or black and white.