R2: A/R Management From Recognition Through Resolution

R2 Helps You:
  • Identify At-Risk Accounts Faster
  • Accept Instant Payment
  • Build Long-term Relationships

R2 helps A/R and credit professionals recognize, prioritize and manage receivables for faster payment and risk reduction. In short, R2 leverages process automation and logistics management to minimize time-consuming administrative tasks and frees staff to do what they do best: apply the judgment and communication skills needed to grow and preserve customer relationships for a better bottom line.

R2 gives credit analysts and A/R staff visibility into every stage of the A/R process and allows them to monitor and manage key control points throughout. Graphical year-over-year reports provide business intelligence that enables users to identify patterns and distinguish potential problems from normal fluctuations in each customer's unique business cycle. Staff can quickly see which of their accounts are at-risk and adjust action plans and priorities accordingly.

R2 Dashboard Additionally, R2 offers flexible and dynamic communication tools. Users can create baseline communication templates for dunning notices ranging from a friendly reminder to a final demand. These templates can be modified and attachments added to provide a thorough and tailored case review that can be sent via email, mail, phone, SMS or certified letter. Event-triggered communications can also be created to automate follow-ups and escalations when a payment deadline is missed or to acknowledge payments received. Further, each communication sent through R2 can include a link to Billfire's Click2Pay tool to enable secure, instant payment from the customer's desktop or mobile device.

R2's rich feature set is based upon years of experience working with A/R and credit professionals, and is designed to streamline day-to-day operations and deliver easy-to-use business intelligence. The result is a powerful tool set that saves time, increases productivity, improves decision-making and action planning, expedites account resolution, and enhances customer relationships inside and outside of the company.