John Lockhart


A better day with Billfire” is something I think about as I start each morning. I ask myself, “how can I make this true today for employees and customers?” I believe that a better day starts with creating emotional connections. Although this can be difficult when distractions and busy schedules get in the way, taking a few minutes to create a little laughter really makes a difference. I know I’ve succeeded when I see others doing the same! Simple things that add up to create a positive culture and happy customers are essential to our company. I have fun on my weekends, yet often find myself looking forward to Monday!


Wally Thornton

Each day I seek to improve something in order to bring out the best in myself, Billfire and all the people with whom I work. Whether that’s crafting a better product strategy, collaborating to solve technical problems or helping employees develop and achieve their personal goals, my focus is always on making things a little better for everyone every day.

Joan Brubacher

I have spent many years in the world of finance, so it is rare that I run across a question or issue that I haven’t seen before. My team and I understand the issues our customers deal with on a day-to-day basis because, as a finance team, we are dealing with the same issues as well. Given this perspective, I am asked to provide feedback to our product development and customer success teams on a regular basis. This is what I love most about my job at Billfire – if something doesn’t satisfy my requirements, I know it won’t satisfy our customers’ either. When I can offer my insight on better ways to accomplish any aspect of accounts receivable management and collections, it is my goal to Make it a Better Day with Billfire for our customers and my colleagues.

Patrick Fuhrmann

Vice President, Business Development
It’s a Better Day with Billfire is more than a slogan for me. It is the essence of the Billfire culture and a steering objective for our daily operations. Whether I am working with partners, customers, or colleagues, I listen for issues that make their days needlessly stressful. I then work to find solutions that do more than solve the problem at hand, but also make an impact on their daily lives. Billfire is a collaborative team of innovative problem solvers. I truly enjoy being a part of the work we do to make our customers days less stressful and more productive.

Sam Hunsaker

Senior Director of Sales/Marketing
A few of the ways we strive to make it a better day at Billfire are by actively assisting our business partners in implementation, training, customer adoption, and customer success. I have had a long career working on the business side. I understand and have lived through the challenges of day to day business, and believe working to come up with new and innovative solutions that save our customers time and money is very rewarding. I believe in ensuring customer happiness and addressing customer needs by actively engaging in marketing, new product testing, and business support. I help make sure that our customers always receive the best accounts receivable and payment tools available in the industry!

Deanna Richey

Senior Director of Program Management & Customer Success
It’s a better day for you and your customers because we’re here to support you and take all your worries away! How do we do this? We’re on the front-line resolving issues and listening to valuable feedback every day, therefore we understand your needs and wants perhaps better than anyone. Because of this understanding, we are key participants in our product design process to ensure that your needs and wants are being addressed. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with the product allows us to provide you with solutions that help both your immediate and anticipated needs.

Peter Wagner

Senior Director of Software Engineering
We place a large emphasis on the customer persona in every conversation we have, no matter how technical. To inform this persona each engineer gets the opportunity to work in the Customer Success Center, in order to learn and understand how the software they build impacts the customer. Finally, we have built our culture around the pillars of Courage, Empathy, Forgiveness and Communication. This culture ensures our staff has the type of work environment where these daily practices can be passed on to the customers.

Marcos Llanes

Senior Director of DevOps and Security
Our goal is to have a happier and productive team of engineers that can then address our customer’s needs. We do this by fostering an environment where learning, growing and applying cutting edge (but tested) technology becomes our daily beacon and, in the process, we created a team that deeply enjoys providing good engineering solutions that make our customers happy.