Billfire Valet: The Ideal A/R Automation Solution

Valet Pay

The fastest way to get started with electronic invoicing and payments, Valet Pay requires no accounting system integration and can be set up in as little as one day. Valet Pay is a powerful A/R solution that allows vendors to quickly take advantage of the most advanced payment collection tools available. Vendors can invoice for current balances or set up automated payment plans for customers that need time to catch up on outstanding balances. With Valet Pay, vendors quickly take control of A/R and enjoy the value and benefits of an electronic payment platform. Equally significant, Valet Pay also improves the buying experience for customers.

Valet Power

Valet Power is an invoice-to-cash paradigm shift. Built from the customer’s perspective for the vendor’s benefit, Valet Power eliminates friction and resolves payment challenges while maximizing adoption and return on investment.

How does Valet Power eliminate friction? To start, customers do not have to log into a payment portal. A Valet Power communication delivers a secure link that instantly directs customers to invoices and payment options. No more URLs, logins, or passwords to remember, helping customers to save time and reduce stress.

Moreover, with an intuitive interface, Valet Power empowers customers to easily remain current on their account or resolve challenges that can slow payments. No longer will customers need to call vendors to request additional invoices, make a promise to pay, raise a dispute, or make a short payment. All of these issues can be resolved with a single Valet Power communication.

Vendors benefit from the real-time insight they gain into each invoice’s journey from delivery to payment. Also, Valet Power’s automation provides A/R teams the time they need to focus on issues more critical to their customers and business.

In addition to benefits such as faster payments, increased efficiencies, and enhanced relationships, Valet Power includes simple pricing and comprehensive training that leads to effortless on-boarding. Customers can integrate directly to their preferred bank and credit card processor so financial account relationships are not interrupted. Or if needed, we will establish a credit card processing relationship for them.

Valet Pro

The fundamental objective of any invoice-to-cash process is to collect payments from customers. But what do you do when customers are late paying their invoice? Send them a Click2Pay with Valet Pro.

With Click2Pay, customers receive all open invoices and options to resolve payment issues immediately, including making full and partial payments. Customers can interact with Click2Pay on both mobile and desktop devices so vendors never again have to hear “I’ll pay the invoice when I get back to my desk.”

Valet Pro is a powerful collection solution that cuts to the work at hand. There are no cumbersome workflows that get in the way and slow progress. Simply search for criteria, such as “90 days over due,” select either one or multiple accounts from search results, and send a Click2Pay. This easy process saves time, increases productivity, and helps manage risk, making Valet Pro a unique and invaluable collection tool.

Valet Pro enables collectors to easily analyze receivables, choose accounts to contact, and begin receiving payments immediately. In most cases, collectors can complete a whole day’s worth of collections in as few as three easy steps! Collectors can also escalate notifications to include multiple customer contacts, which is a helpful benefit when a single contact is unresponsive.

Valet View

Valet View is electronic delivery of account statements that allow customers to request and receive real-time statements instantly anytime from anywhere on any device. Valet View replaces paper statements sent via snail mail and can be sent on a regularly scheduled basis.

Sending paper account statements is costly and time consuming. Addressing customer requests for statements between regularly scheduled deliveries only exacerbates this cost. Valet View saves vendors significant time and money while supplying customers with up-to-the-minute insight into their account status.

Moreover, Valet View exponentially increases the value of account statements by providing line-item detail on every invoice listed, current and past. Valet View stores historical statements for easy record keeping, retrieving, and comparison. Vendors and customers can customize more efficient processes with statement delivery that is simple and inexpensive.


Total Automation

Valet is a fully automated invoice-to-cash solution that increases the productivity of any Credit, Accounts Receivable, or Collection team.

No Customer Payment Portals

Valet has eliminated time consuming portals! Customers no longer have to remember website URLs, logins, or passwords. Valet’s unique interface enhances the overall buying experience: Customers save time with less stress and vendors get paid faster!

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

We provide pricing right on our home page! No need to guess what Valet will cost. We do not believe in pricing tiers that cause you to overpay until you “grow into” the solution. With our monthly base price plus per customer fee, your cost perfectly fits your business.

No Setup Fee

Easy integration and quick training means there are no costs for us to recover. We pass the benefit on to you and will get you up and running in no time! Easy Integration: Standard integration is free and requires little-to-no IT resources. After a short consultation, our team will map out a plan to make integration quick and stress free.

Stress Free Training

Valet is so intuitive that team training can be completed in as little as an hour. Our Customer Success team is always available for refreshers and ongoing support.

Zero Interruption to Financial Account Relationships

Valet integrates directly to every vendor’s preferred bank and credit card processor. If needed we can also establish credit card processing relationships.


A great solution is meaningless if no one uses it! We built our solution from a customer perspective for the vendor’s benefit, maximizing adoption, usage, and return on investments.
Success Stories

Born to Improve Business, these Applications Impact Businesses

Everyone loves a good story, especially us at Billfire. We encourage our customers to tell us about their businesses and their interactions with their customers. While we prefer stories with happy endings, many times they are about frustrations. These stories are the genesis of our mission to Make it a Better Day with Billfire. When we learn of the frustrations and challenges that threaten to add to our customers’ already heavy workload, we meet them with innovative solutions that demonstrate our commitment to change the invoice-to-cash paradigm for the better.

Making Valuable Account Statements Invaluable with Valet View

Our customers taught us that mailing account statements on a regular basis is costly and time consuming, but also an irreplaceable customer relations service. Many considered migrating to email from paper as an alternative, but found that email is still an inefficient process. Our customers needed a better way to deliver statements.

To provide the best alternative, we knew we had to do more than build an automated solution that inexpensively delivered statements. We also knew that the value of an account statement should go deeper than the words and figures on the screen. With these objectives, we created Valet View – electronic account statements automatically delivered on a regular scheduled basis, or on demand from any device. Going a step further, we integrated line-item detail for all invoices listed and archived all statements for easy retrieval. Valet View unlocks the intrinsic value of the account statement and delivers it for the lowest cost possible.

Click2Pay with No Portal Login is the Solution Everyone is Looking For

We know the struggles vendors face to keep their customers current on their accounts and within their credit limits. Most vendors have been relying on process workflows and uncomfortable collection calls to either request payments or remind customers of the risk of a stop shipment. Not only are these calls costly, they also risk damaging the customer relationship because customers don’t want to feel badgered, especially with only a short-term issue.

To solve this challenge for both sides, we created Click2Pay. A/R and collectors use Click2Pay to  electronically communicate with their customers when balance is due while providing a copy of outstanding invoices and all payment options.


 Customers appreciate Click2Pay because they can receive it via email or on their mobile phone, making it very convenient to manage payments from wherever they are. Even more convenient is that Click2Pay does not require a portal login. Click2Pay’s secure link takes customers directly to their account.

Vendor’s love Click2Pay because of its efficiency and ability to get customers attention without being overbearing. Their customers love Click2Pay because of its convenience and flexibility. The result is more than 10,000 Click2Pays every week!

Valet Pro Takes Away the Workflow to Help Speed Cash Flow

The fundamental objective of any invoice-to-cash process is to collect payments from customers. But what happens when customers are late?

We have seen frustration with traditional collection solutions. These rely on tedious workflows and bring their own challenges that can endanger customer relationships. We have even heard from vendors that would rather sell their late receivables than waste time and resources on collection calls that can result in a promise to pay, at best.

The problem is straightforward: Late payments create risks for both parties, and the solution should not make collections more difficult. With these parameters we created Valet Pro.

Valet Pro is not a workflow. The solution allows vendors to easily analyze receivables, choose which accounts to contact, and send a Click2Pay to one or many accounts instantly. In addition, Valet Pro lets vendors develop automated collection campaigns that notify customers when they are late, providing them with everything they need to pay the invoice. Valet Pro also includes the ability to escalate late notifications to cover multiple contacts. In many cases, this is a whole day’s worth of collections completed in as few as three steps!